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Q : Why to invest now ?

A : The are too many reasons to list but let me present the main ones :

1. New country in Europe

2. on the warm Mediterranean coast

3. a virgin nature

4. surrounded by culture and history

5. nearby the Croatia Dream's project under construction and nearby the Pelješac bridge also under construction

6. Investing in this project will offer us the unique chance to get a «piece of cake»

  1. 7.This project will adhere to the highest standards of sustainable development, respect the environment and bring us the benefit of European subsidies.

Q : The euro is not the local currency. Is this good ?

A : Yes, as long as the Kuna is the national currency, the prices are cheap. Purchasing ruins and doing work are affordable.
Once adopted the euro, prices will be going up ! To our benefit, if we buy now !

Q : Is the region stable ?

A : There is no more war, borders resumed their original path, the identity of the people is respected, and Croatia is part of Europe. Soon, all the other countries in the Balkans will join Europe. So this is paradise !

Q : What activities can we find here ?

A : Everything, absolutely everything : mountain activities, sea activities, all the year round.

Q : How are the people ?

A : Simple, kind, honest, helpful, loving the right things, making good cuisine (mediterranean), with natural products. (Often organic)

Q : What languages ​​do you speak ?

A : Croatian and local variations such as Bosnian or Serb (quite similar), but also English, German, Italian.

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